Addison Rose

At age 19, Addison Rose embarked on a career in the adult entertainment industry in 2006. A Midwestern native, born in Waverly, Nebraska, Addison moved to Omaha, Arkansas during her sophomore year in high school. After graduating in 2005, Addison visited California, for two weeks. However, she remained in the Golden State far past that intended visitation period. During her extended stay in California, Addison worked as an office professional for three months before deciding to make a switch working at a job she truly enjoyed. The pornographic field instantly hired her once she secured an agent and declared her hunt for work in the business. From 2006-2010, she starred in 29 films with a variety of companies. Her later work in entertainment includes appearing as an Internet web model. She is reported to be working more towards mainstream commercials and movie endeavors, thus seemingly leaving behind her more erotic-based occupation. Addison owns and presides over the companies Vital Sin Entertainment and Addisons Playhouse. She has business relations also with the adult marketing company RGW-Adult. Addison Rose is deeply connected to Internet world as she has a Myspace page, her website and numerous fan sites dedicate to her.