Nina James - Shower 2

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Dark and sultry, Nina James gets us as wet as she does in her dark and sexy Shower Scene 2 sequel. Darkly lit with tribal drum music that is erotic in the background while Nina is soaking wet in the shower. Nina will get your many Fetishes on: Panty Fetish, Wet Fetish, Big Butt and Ass Grinding Fetish. Her big real boobs are bouncing as the water pours over them. She keeps on her tight-laced-up panties while grinding her ass up-close for you to be the Voyeur imagining yourself deep inside her tight, wet panties. Nina taunts us further by opening her butt cheeks and begins to rub herself through the tight, wet panties. Finally you will get a release when she peels back her panties to play with her sweet clit, as she rubs it vigorously to the music. HD - Running time 5:53